We stay ahead of today's fast pace by operating a very versatile facility where skilled craftsmanship work seamlessly with modern machinery & technology to accelerate the set-up time while keeping customer costs to a minimum.  We believe that every innovative brand today started small and became successful because they were supported along the way by companies like us.

CAD 3D design for a Semi-cap ski mould


As a commitment toward customer, follow up in design and engineering to support development is big concern at Utopie mfg.

Innovation in our process allows lower set-up costs.

Integrated design and development for new shapes, assembly moulds and tooling sets can be achieved within short time.






All prints are made «in-house», either digital direct, sublimated, silkscreened or die-cut.

To provide the best results to match customers expectations along  printing process, we can print on a large range of materials such as Nylon, Polyester and Polyurethane for topsheet with surface finish either gloss, mat or even special textured surface. For base, we use sintered Polyethylene (UHMW) or extruded Polyethylene (HDPE), clear or solid colored.


All processed parts are precisely cut and/or sanded, by high precision CNC machines, to tight tolerances according to original design specs requested.

Our process allows us to accuratly machined raw materials such as ABS/TPU and UHMW for sidewalls and tip/tail spacers or any species of wood for cores.

For woodcores, we can supply all sorts of different laminates or hybrid laminates in species such as aspen, poplar, birch, maple, cedar and other specific breeds available.


Our innovative approach and ease of used of the pressing system we developed allow for quicker change over through models and lower setup and Tooling cost for customers.

This is backed with a strong hydraulic pressing system for reliable repetition through production runs and maximum efficiency.

Ski being structured


With our adapted flexible sanding process we can supply different base finish options like stone structure or standard fine belt finish all along with hot waxing that make gliding surface shiny and ready to go once delivered. We can also supply different tuning options for edge trough our ceramic disk process as well as different sidewall profiles.

Finishing is a crucial factor for quality products.

Serial number punch at final QC



We developed a four stage quality control process that allows for constant inspections of the parts and assembled parts through all production stages.

This internal standard process can be flexible according to the manufactured project and the customers expectations. We benefit from the fact that our staff understands the products they are manufacturing, as a part of the quality control.

Binding pull out test on a special Ergonomic Snowboard





Research and development is a must for all brands considering current state of the industry and the constant need for innovation.

R&D is important to us not only when it comes to the search for new materials or designs with better performance, but when it come to process performance and innovative manufacturing approach.

This allows us to be ahead of the competition in a new reality for the Snow sports industry and to answer changing needs of  winter hardgoods brands.